Catholic Life Photography
To Echo the Witness of People, Events & Places of Worship
With the blessing of my spiritual director, I made private vows in 1995 to love Mary in the spirit of Saint Joseph. I ratified my vows in 2008 to live as a consecrated disciple of Jesus, the Son of God and Son of Joseph and Mary. I grew up in three foster homes and two institutions, so I had no attachment to my family name. In 1996, I legally changed it to Joseph, to publically declare that the Patron of the Church is my patron, and began the lay apostolate that would eventually go by the name of SAINT JOSEPH: OUR PATRON (, to promote Saint Joseph's place in the Earthly Trinity, "so that ALL may GROW in devotion to the Patron of the Universal Church." (Saint John Paul II) My hobby is photography. I formally began Catholic Life Photography, specializing in Catholic photojournalism, using photography to echo the witness of people, events and places of worship, in 2011. I set up this Web page as a simple way to share all the photo sets that I post on my Flickr account. Unlike some other sites, Flickr does not require one to have an account with them to view photos that are posted on their Web site. My hope is to enlighten minds and inflame hearts through SAINT JOSEPH: OUR PATRON and Catholic Life Photography. Let us "bless God, and publish all HIS wonderful works." (Tobit 12:20)

Thank you and God bless you!

Aaron Joseph